How It Works

All you need to know…

Most Classes last approximately 2 hours and include all materials necessary to complete your Artwork for $35, however classes range from $25 to $50 depending on the class.

Also, Pet Night classes typically last 3 hours while most Kid’s classes are 1 1/2 hours.

How to sign up:

You can sign up online by selecting an event from the Calendar page and registering. You are welcome to contact the studio if you have questions or have difficulty registering. It is much more efficient to sign up online and pay ahead with PayPal or Credit Card as this allows everyone to become acclimated and to settle in while allowing the classes to begin on schedule. It also allows us to schedule our Artists more efficiently.

Groups of up to 16 can sign up and pay ahead for an event. If you wish to book a private party, Please call the Studio at 843-997-9917. More information on private parties is available on the Group Packages page.

Nightly classes are open to everyone approximately 12 and older.

Children’s classes for ages 6-11 will be offered on Saturday mornings. Children’s classes include a painting, snack, and drink for $25.

On the day of your event:

Please show up (15) minutes before the scheduled class or (30) minutes before the class if you have arranged to pay in the studio.

What to expect:

Get ready to paint as our artists assist you in creating your “masterpiece”.  There will be aprons available but please be aware that acrylic paint will not come out of clothing, so wear something appropriate and comfortable.

The environment will be relaxing and fun and you are welcome to bring your own Beer and Wine.

Soda and water bottles will be available to purchase on site.

Last but not least, remember that appetizers and snacks are always welcome.