Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

Each Regular Evening class is $35. Open Paint (Studio) Night is $25. Pet Night and Date Night are $50

Evening classes begin at 6:30 pm except for Paint Your Pet Night which starts at 6:00 pm. Private Party times can vary.

I do not have any artistic ability at all, can I do this? Yes! Our classes are designed for the individuals who say they “can’t even draw a stick figure“. We go through each painting step-by-step and offer assistance to anyone who needs it.

What is your alcohol policy? Our paint parties are BOYB. We do not serve alcohol at the studio, but you are welcome to bring your own beer, wine and appetizers.

Does everyone do the same painting? Yes, we paint the featured painting on the calendar together step-by-step. (except on Open Paint night)

What is Open Paint (studio) night? For a price of $25, you can pick from the paintings in the studio and create your own on an 11″x 16″ canvas, with the help of our artists.

Can I bring kids under 12? Yes, some school-age children can enjoy the paint classes, as long as they are accompanied by an adult. Toddlers do not have a 2-hour attention span, so the classes might not be the best environment for them. You pay per canvas, not per person, so if they come to help, there is no extra charge.

How many kids can come to a private party? A party with the cake provided is $275, and without a cake, it is $250. This price includes 10 kids and $20 for any additional participants.

What is your seating capacity? 16

How does paint your pet night work? You send us a photo of your pet when you register for the class, it has to be a few days in advance. We sketch it out for you on your canvas and help you every step of the way. You will come out with a beautiful portrait of your pet! This class starts at 6:00 pm, not 6:30 pm.

Do you do onsight events? Yes, contact us for availability. Minimum enrollment applies and there is an onsight fee of $50 for any location within 30 minutes of our studio. Price can vary based on location outside of the 30-minute radius.

Can I bring food? Yes, for yourself or to share. We encourage you to bring snacks or hors d’oeuvres for yourselves or to share.

Can you create a custom painting? Yes, we can design a painting for you for $50.